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Los Vegas Shooting - hilly7 - 10-03-2017

Already things have come into question concerning the mass killing in Las Vegas, and the fake TV news is trying their best to come up with answers as facts arise that conflict the story they are telling. So what facts were exposed then covered up?

  1. 2 women tell about a Mexican woman accompanying a Mexican made 45 minutes before all Hell broke loose saying a lot of people were going to die.
  2. Visual evidence that there were more than 1 shooter located several floors down.
  3. A local news TV news channel told about a large massacre 2 days before then event.
  4. The rifle in question used either a .223, 5.56, or .308, none of these have the capabilities to reach the event.

More to come........

RE: Los Vegas Shooting - anthonyk - 10-05-2017