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The New Board
I messed the Login on my old Findings Board to where I could no longer log into it and post, so this one will continue where that one left off. The URL is here

This one is on another website that I have, I almost didn't put it on this site due to the URL name. Yes, that is my name. I figure that I have well uncovered and exposed much over the years, some from my own research and some through other people's research. Hence the name Findings Board, this one is Findings Board 2. I'm sure I am not well hidden by those who have been exposed, yet hidden from the public.

Due to spam, I will make this Board like the other one where nobody can post. I do not get paid for this so I can't pay someone for helping. There are those who wish to disrupt information, and those who are just pure evil, who do whatever they can to make this hard. Like the average reader, I have a life aside from this. I can spend my time I allot to this trying to delete spam and porn, or I can spend it constructively. I choose the latter.
If you do research, and I mean honest research, email or contact me about allowing you on here and to post your research.
I almost forgot. For years I have written articles, things on other boards, and my old board, and sometimes some would "borrow" my research. I say borrow because I never got any credit for the info, and that is ok. Some included it in with their own research, some expanded on it, while others just pretty much copied it and took credit for it. That is still ok with me. Images I will use will seldom be mine, but the words will usually be mine. What is mine is yours. Getting credit isn't what this is about, it is about getting the truth out there.


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