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Our Video of the Georgia Guidestones
For years I have read about them but never seen them, this was more than I expected. You hear very little about the other monuments there but in this video we focus not just on the Pillars but the rest of the things there.

I've had a few people who, after a weird look, ask how Those That Rule intend on dropping population from 7.5 Billion to under 500 Million. It really is simple. War will take out several, yet that is not the quickest way. GMO Foods will take out many while their Global Warming that they cause will take out many as well. Of just those 3 methods, billions will die. Add to that vaccines and a host of other avenues and it can all happen within a generation.

That said, I do believe that this generation alive today will see the end of days. That may sound negative but in the long run it will be a blessing.

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