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So people usually lead off with guns, seeds, food, camping type gear... but I am different. Looking around things cannot continue as they are much longer, but haven't we said that for many years. That is a good thing though because that means we all have time to prep and the only thing better than prepping would be to wake up, stand up, and say enough and mean it and hold your ground. Thing is.... it will take a large mass of people to be effective and stay the course. One or even a few are nothing more than targets, which is still better to die on your feet than live on your knees. But lets look at Prep 1.

  Books, yep paper books. E Books are all well and fine but in the event of an EMP, limited energy to power a device, well that is just a waste of time. That and it is very easy for someone to change (aka revise) on the fly, with paper that don't happen. A few "fun" books, as my wife would say, but a lot of information books. How To books, history books, and planning books. Some may say they already know how to do things, and maybe they do, but what happens to your family and loved ones if you go down? Don't worry, I haven't written nor sell a book.

  I thought about this as I started prepping and first read someone mention books, only they were speaking of Comic books and what I call smut books, aka Romance Novels. They also did so as something that would pass time and keep the mind active. Well that makes sense I guess, I figured after all, I know how to do a lot. Lucky for me I started about 10 years ago and after the first heart attack I saw that what I know dies with me, then where would those I love be? I grew up poor and part time with Farming kin taking turns raising me. I knew how to hunt, fish, kill, and preserve (to a certain extent). I know how to build stuff, and by 22 years old I built my own house with help from family members. I got a 2 Diplomas in High School, 1 for Auto Mechanics. Worked in construction where I learned Masonry, the rest I already knew. Growing up on a farm we ate what we grew, seldom buying from the store. We also knew about tending to all kinds of animals on the farm, and fighting off predators as well. I later got another Diploma in Electronic Repair. Now, in my late 50s, with failing health, I know I need to pass along this information.

   What better way than a book? I'm not that good at writing so I bought books that rated high on Amazon. Sometimes I read reviews there but went to a cheaper place to buy. In the course of this I found I too was learning new methods on things I knew. Some things I forgot I can now refresh what I know. Then, some areas, like medicine and stuff, I had no idea. My wife is a nurse but one quickly learns that (no offense) doctors and nurses are trained by institutions that are financed by drug corporations. Very, very little nutritional training and mostly how to give drugs, plus surgeries if they are surgical. So, I bought books on that as well, along with what plants are good and what plants are bad. Lately we've been into Essential Oils and oddly enough, provided the quality is good, they are quite impressive. In a SHTF scenario, while I seriously doubt it will be a Mad Max type thing, things could get very bad. The most important book though are my Reference books, of which the Holy Bible is the most important. Why? You must have something to lift your spirits, attitude is half the battle.

   I have amassed hundreds if not a thousand or more books over the years. You do not have to go to those extremes. I will never read all these books but perhaps someone in my family will, and they just may save some of my people. In this coming day, guns may help, weapons may help, skills may help.... but knowledge is the deciding factor. As time goes along you will see what I am talking about. 

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