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Hurricane is a comin
[Image: Hurricane-Irma-11-Update.png]

   As Hurricane Irma comes into play, and they still are not sure which way she will go, we can expect to hear some same old, same old. I can't help but wonder if Franklin Graham will be saying that the is God's judgement, if he does other talking heads will do likewise, each attempting to out do the other. That is what makes people give more money, not the one who is correct but the one who is the loudest. The one who speaks what itching ears want to hear. Some explanation for this tragedy to befall mankind. This after Harvey slams into Texas with all it's fury. Bottom line, there are those that will see God in this and those who do not. But I have another perspective.

  What if this is God's way of seeing who steps up to the plate and helps their fellow person. What if as there are those who ask where is God, God asks where are you. It is true, God controls all and thus He allowed it, but that by no means states the He condones it nor does it state that He enjoys it or is condemning the people effected by it. God created Nature, which some refer to as Mother Nature (long story on that), and as such He allows nature to happen. Maybe He does this in part to see how people react, maybe in part to give those a chance at redemption. If that is the case then Joel Olsteen just failed with major marks. This though should be a beacon that lights the faults we make when we put faith in a mortal man, or for that matter any beings aside from Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and The Father. No, not the Angels, demons, Mary, or the Saints, just those three previously mentioned. Those with no money to spare, no material things to donate, still have the most needed and powerful thing, their prayers.

  That being said, truthfully, only God knows His intentions, and they are good.

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