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NWO's ELE and WMD tools already in use, on you
[Image: GreatGameIndia-Depopulation-Inter-Caeter...-Order.jpg]

Place mat for the start of the New World Order's Extinction Level Event tools along with Weapons of Mass Destruction. These are already in heavy use today being used willingly b y people. Warning, this will shock you. Once my resources are complete I will make each in it's own Reply. These are just links to some websites I will be using for data. By the time I have this put together I hope to prove that the Depopulation Agenda is not so much forced on us but that we are walking in line to the slaughter in ignorance and willingness. This is not the article, the article will appear in the REPLY to this

Go to the "REPLY" for write up and structure on this.  



Stress & Hate

Chemicals In Foods

Flavorings in Foods

Chemicals All Other



More To Come
Ever since we visited the Georgia Guide Stones, aka America's Stone Henge, the first commandment or rule of it has bore into my mind. I had researched this many years ago and while it made me wonder, seeing it made me know that this is real. Somebody or group spent a lot of money on this so they can comply with this rule they have about informing people about what they are going to do.
[Image: 18920530_1567026239988148_84998844905145...e=5A489720]

   My wife, after years of tolerating my research and talking suddenly realized, this is real and happening. For her, it was a wake up call, yet she doesn't want to know a lot more, maybe she feels safer not knowing. Then again, maybe she is experiencing what I and others have when they first wake up, a sort of shock. We all have our areas of expertise in research as this is a many faceted agenda, and yes, it is an agenda.

  So I wondered how and when will those that rule (TPTB) The Powers That Be, implement this massive agenda to depopulate the earth to under 500 Million. They must get rid of 7.5 Billion people, and surely that would awaken the sleeping flock and lead to a revolt. These are the true 1%, not the ones we think are the 1%, so how could they withstand the other 99% if awakened.

    There are two ways of an attack, and from those two ways there are branches of those ways. One way is the face on frontal attack. A physical, mental, or emotional front on or face to face attack. The other way is infiltration, to attack secretly from within. This is perhaps the most productive way as it has never been been known to fail. Once divided the people can be more easily led, straight into their own destruction. Imagine the breath and width of this major undertaking. Perhaps  though with this, both attack methods are needed. What I will show proof of will not be received well by those most deceived and stuck in a false paradigm. More likely that not I will also refer to the Bible as a reference that this is not just recently thought about, it has been planned and even tried over the years. The problem over the centuries is that people were smarter, braver, and paid more attention that we do now. We have been dumbed down and kept uniformed, all the while being side tracked with entertainment and issues of little to no importance. In Roman times this was called, "Bread & Circuses".  

Next Reply to begin the methods used: Each method will have it's own REPLY.
Tattoos -

   It is not like I am starting in any order, but I'd like to get the more popular ones over with first, and this one is popular. This is pushed on TV and movies heavily these days. There is a reason for this old antiquities practice, just not the same ones as it was in days gone by. This one has a two part works that it is effective doing. So the first part is that it provides a traceable database or in some cases as an identifier to the person, like birth marks did years ago. That in and of itself isn't bad if a criminal gets a tattoo, problem is, criminals are not the only ones who gets them these days. As long as society runs as it usually does, again, that is not a bad thing for good people, but what if society suddenly turns bad. If this doesn't seem possible then look back at German during the Nazis, or any country for that matter over time. Now days though we have far superior tracking and information. Cameras almost everywhere along with citizens that will be vigilant without questioning anything, willing to get some brownie points built up for the apprehension of the suspect. Even then, as long as Due Process is obeyed, the Constitution and Bill Of Rights are observed it should still be ok. Huston, we have a problem. Under the Patriot Act (Bush) many of your rights were abolished. Patriot Act 2 (Obama), well there went the rest of them. Don't believe me, look. While that tattoo may look cool, you just tagged yourself with an identifier mark. You can now be searched, arrested, imprisoned, with no "phone call", no explanation, and no trial or conviction.... for an indefinite amount of time. You really don't have to do anything. Reading this web site just might qualify you.

   Now we go to the health risks caused by the toxins in your body. If you are thinking you got "organic" tattoos I ask you to consider that Mercury is organic. Many years ago I made the statement that children today would not outlive their parents, but I wasn't counting on Tattoos. The health concerns I saw at that time will be discussed later in the food section, but with the popularity of ink these days, this is one of the big factors. Don't worry though, Big Pharma will have meds for some out there to extend their life, but not the quality of it, nor will it bring back the normal lifespan. So before we get started into the details of the toxins we need to get something straight. Big Pharma is not there to fix you, the main objective for them is bottom line profits for their share holders. So they want to get customers. There is a reason they worked on getting a 100 year old man an erection and not cures for some of today's diseases. Sick people too are obedient, easily managed, easily led, thus not a threat to the system. You will comply with any thing they wish. From that day are owned.

   From reliable sources we see that the case for a "safe" ink just isn't plausible. The sources are listed above in the first page but I will quote some. First off, what about the ink?
  •    "Titanium dioxide, the second-most common ingredient in tattoo inks. This white pigment is used to create certain shades when mixed with colorants. The compound is also used in food additives, sunscreens and paints, all of which could theoretically contribute to the elevated body levels. But as the researchers note, prior work has shown that respiratory exposure to titanium dioxide leaves the element only in the lung and hilar lymph nodes. " (Source 1)
Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy is a bilateral enlargement of the lymph nodes of pulmonary hila. It is a radiographic term that describes the enlargement of mediastinal lymph nodes and is most commonly identified by a chest x-ray.
  • Black pigment in tattoo ink may contain nanoparticles that are carcinogenic. A study in the British Journal of Dermatology found some nanoparticles may cause toxic effects in the brain and nerve damage. This finding suggests ink particles are capable of leaving the surface of the skin and traveling throughout the body, possibly entering organs and other tissues.
  • Black ink is often made of soot, containing products of combustion, called hydrocarbons. Black ink can also contain animal bones burned down into charcoal. That’s right, not all inks are vegan. Some ink also contains animal fat as the carrier, as well as gelatin and beetles.
  • Red: Red pigment often causes the most skin reactions and is considered the most dangerous because it contains cadmium, mercury or iron oxide.
  • Red causes the most problems, most other colors of standard tattoo ink are also derived from heavy metals (including lead, antimony, beryllium, chromium, cobalt nickel and arsenic) and can cause skin reactions in some people.
  • The carrier solution itself might contain harmful substances such as denatured alcohols, methanol, rubbing alcohol, antifreeze, detergents, or formaldehyde and other highly toxic aldehydes.3
  • The oldest pigments came from using ground up minerals and carbon black. According to, a wide range of dyes and pigments are now used in tattoos "from inorganic materials like titanium dioxide and iron oxides to carbon black, azo dyes, and acridine, quinoline, phthalocyanine and naphthol derivates, dyes made from ash, and other mixtures."  Currently popular is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS plastic), used in Intenze, Millenium and other ABS pigmented brands.5
  • Nanoparticles are ultramicroscopic in size, making them able to readily penetrate your skin and travel to underlying blood vessels and your bloodstream. Evidence suggests that some nanoparticles may induce toxic effects in your brain and cause nerve damage, and some may also be carcinogenic.In 2011, a study in The British Journal of Dermatology revealed that nanoparticles are indeed found in tattoo inks,16 with black pigments containing the smallest particles (white pigments had the largest particles and colored pigments were in between). Nanoparticles are ultramicroscopic in size, making them able to readily penetrate your skin and travel to underlying blood vessels and your bloodstream. Evidence suggests that some nanoparticles may induce toxic effects in your brain and cause nerve damage, and some may also be carcinogenic.Further, nanoparticles from tattoo ink were found to exist in both the collagenous network of the skin as well as around blood vessels, according to the University of Bradford researchers. This suggests the ink particles are leaving the surface of your skin and traveling elsewhere in your body, where they could potentially enter organs and other tissues. This is particularly worrisome because tattoo inks are known to contain cancer-causing compounds…Helen Suh MacIntosh, a professor in environmental health at Harvard University and a columnist for the website, Treehugger, reports that as a result of a 2007 lawsuit brought by the American Environmental Safety Institute (AESI), two of the leading tattoo ink manufacturers must now place warning labels on their product containers, catalogs and websites explaining that “inks contain many heavy metals, including lead, arsenic and others” and that the ingredients have been linked to cancer and birth defects. Of course, exposure to mercury and other heavy metals is hardly the only risk involved with getting a tattoo. The term tattoo itself means to puncture the skin. Tattoo ink is placed via needles into the dermis layer of the skin, where it remains permanently (although some colors will fade over time).
    • Some people have reported sensitivity springing up even years after they first got their tattoo; also, medical MRIs can cause tattoos to burn or sting as the heavy metals in the ink are affected by the test’s magnetism.

    All of the above quotes come from the sources listed Using their words makes far more sense than mine. I could use my own words but they are better at explaining as they are the specialist in their fields, thus better understanding. Bottom line is a question one must neg to differ: Why are they pushing this so much?" They are pushing it heavily, from Comic Reliefs like Chumley to action heroes. It almost seems like you have to have at least 1 or you are a nobody. As if the TV and movies are not going at seducing you, a look into those reports from people who keep up with the stars, it is in your face. So what about the crowd that doesn't appeal to? They make them think that they can be different, that they can stand apart, rebel, become an Anarchist. Sadly enough, these are the people most fooled. They are not standing out, apart or being an Anarchist, but rather becoming a part of the herd. A conformist. They have not stood apart from the herd but are one of the herd.

  So you have already seen some of the known costs associated with tattoos, but they are more. We will however start out with the FDA, a group I am not very fond of. They whore to the highest bidder, so who is buying them this time? They have a pattern they go by. Don't believe me, then look at their past.
  1. Promote, but lightly, the use of something, until evidence opposite to them appears. 
  2. When evidence continues to flow, take a neutral side.
  3. Break all ties and expose some of the truth to the people.
[Image: ucm556066.jpg] They are in stage 2.
"Because of other public health priorities and a previous lack of evidence of safety concerns, FDA has not traditionally regulated tattoo inks or the pigments used in them."6

Although allergic reactions to permanent tattoos are considered rare given the number of tattoos applied yearly—in the neighborhood of 5 million9—they can occur, along with scarring, phototoxic reactions (i.e., reactions from exposure to light, especially sunlight), and other adverse effects. Many people have reported reactions to the intensely colored plastic-based pigments. There are also pigments that glow in the dark or in response to black (ultraviolet) light. Some of these pigments may be safe, but others are toxic and even possibly radioactive.9 Plastic-based inks (e.g., glow-in-the-dark ink) have led to polymerization under the skin, where the tattoo pigment particles converged into one solid piece under the skin.9

Allergic reactions have occurred with some of the many metals put into tattoo inks, nickel being one of the most common metal allergies.8 Others have reacted to the mercury in red cinnabar, to cobalt blue, and to cadmium sulfite when used as a yellow pigment. Some inks were found to have high levels of lead, some contained lithium, and the blue inks were full of copper.7 Allergic reactions may occur infrequently with permanent tattoos, but the long-term health effects are still unknown due to the lack of regulation, testing, and long-term studies.

The question of toxicity is multifaceted; there are others factors that may exponentially increase the serious health risks associated with tattooing. When alcohol is used as part of the carrier base in tattoo ink or to disinfect the skin before application of the tattoo, it increases the skin's permeability, helping to transport more chemicals into the bloodstream. Alcohol also works synergistically with mutagens, teratogens, and carcinogens to make them even more harmful, increasing the chance that they may cause mutation or disease, both at the site of the tattoo and systemically.3

In addition to allergic reactions and the unknown long-term health effects from the metal salts and carrier solutions that make up tattoo inks, there are other health risks involved. Skin infections, psoriasis, dermatitis and other chronic skin conditions, and tumors (both benign, and malignant) have all been associated with tattoos. Due to the use of needles in tattoo application, there is also the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as tetanus, herpes simplex virus, staph, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, and even Syphilis. And those with tattoos might not be able to get a life-saving MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test if they need one—some hospitals and testing locations will refuse to do an MRI on people with body tattoos due to the metal particles in the tattoo, which may cause a burning pain during the test.10

Read the full report at

I think Natural News sums it up pretty well when they say this:

"Although certain tattoo ink ingredients may be plant-based or otherwise considered safe and non-toxic, the truth is that no long-term studies have been performed confirming that they are safe to inject as a permanent cosmetic. Bottom line: don't trust the government, tattoo ink manufacturers, or tattoo artists to give you accurate and complete information on the toxicity of the pigments and dyes being used—at least not just yet."

So here we have one weapon of mass destruction, and this one they do not force on you. You are a willingly participant in your own extermination.
[Image: body-tattoo.jpg]
As for those who put an Angel, Bible Scripture, Cross, etc on, thinking it is a good idea, this should answer that thinking. That said, I believe that one can obtain forgiveness for anything when they repent.

Leviticus 19:28New King James Version (NKJV)

28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.

Hosea 4:6King James Version (KJV)

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

I am not saying that if you have a Tattoo you are going to Hell.

   So you are probably saying, based on the heading, that I think beer is bad for you, and you'd be right. Yea I know, you have heard all these great things about beer, how healthy and how it saved the world. The one about how civilization (cities) would have not been able to exist without beer, tainted water and all. Got any idea how stupid that sounds? What is the main ingredient in any beverage, especially beer.... water. They brew the water (boil) and then add all this stuff to it, and that makes it safe? No, boiling the water does. The Powers That Be must really think we are stupid to even consider to fall for that scheme. These so called "experts" that are being paid directly or indirectly, surely that would have nothing to do with the reports they regurgitate, or would it? Surely pure profit wouldn't have a bearing on what is reported, I mean, it would use real science to back up claims be they good or bad. The commercials seem to be good. Young, good looking, well built, healthy males and females all having the time of their life. Then again those as old as I am remember the Cigarette commercials, the one I remember best was the Marlboro Man. Bet some of you didn't know he really did smoke Marlboros, hell we all did. This was a macho dude. Bet you also didn't know that he died of Lung Cancer from smoking. Meanwhile the FDA done their usually 3 step program on the safety of smoking. One could say they didn't know except if that were true then how did Hitler know many years in advance? We are speaking of prewar Germany. But back to beer and the FDA, "The ingredients in beer are not required by law to be listed anywhere on the label and manufacturers have no legal obligation to disclose the ingredients. For regular beer, calorie levels and percent alcohol are optional and for light beer calories are mandatory but alcohol levels are optional."
“Ingredient labeling on food products and non-alcoholic beverages is required by the Food and Drug Administration. But a whole other federal agency regulates beer, and not very well. The Department of Treasury – the same folks who collect your taxes – oversees alcoholic beverages. That probably explains why we know more about what’s in a can of Coke than a can of Bud. You can also thank the alcohol industry, which has lobbied for years against efforts to require ingredient labeling.”Michele Simon, a public health lawyer

  Like the last article this one is based on the links I have listed on the first page, the page of references. So let us get to it.
   1. Caramel Coloring: Brown ales—like Newcastle—have a smooth taste and enticing color. Too bad it may be coming from toxic additives. Artificial caramel colorings—like 4-Mel—don’t have to appear on beer labels in the U.S.2 And that’s a problem: 4-Mel is a carcinogen.3 Even if 4-Mel isn’t in your beer of choice, other caramel colorings contain ammonia. Other than being gross, it may also cause cancer.4 And because you won’t find it on a label, you may not even know you’re drinking it.

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): HFCS metabolizes into fat faster than other sweeteners and spikes blood sugar levels. Not to mention it can raise triglyceride levels by 200% more than glucose. And though Guinness says they no longer use it, they did for years.5 If you believe them, that is. Once again, you won’t find it on any labels. You have to wonder which other stouts and darker beers—especially the very sweet ones—are using it too.
3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): We’ve told you before how dangerous—and hard to avoid—this substance is. It’s an excitotoxin that enhances flavor in processed foods. But that’s not the only place you’ll find it. Barley malt, malted barley, malt extract, and brewer’s yeast often contain or create MSG during processing.6 And it’s not beer without barley and yeast. Unless your beer is 100% organic—or homebrewed—you have to assume there’s at least one MSG offender in it.
4. Propylene Glycol: This controversial additive is a solvent in many food products. It’s also an ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs, antifreeze, paints, and varnishes. Multiple studies show the dangers—including cell mutation—of ingesting propylene glycol in large quantities. No wonder you won’t find it in European food products.7 Even though you probably won’t get a mega dose from any one beer, having a few too many on a regular basis can add up.
5. Bisphenol-A (BPA): It’s a hormone disruptor that can wreck your endocrine system and cause cancer. Even low exposure can trigger migraines. But BPA doesn’t only show up in plastics and sales receipts. You’ll also find it in beer cans. If you’re cracking open can after can of your favorite brew, you’re likely getting a small amount of BPA in each sip. And though this may not present any immediate dangers, it can lead to serious—even deadly—health problems down the line.
Source: https://www.institutefornaturalhealing.c...-your-beer
6. Calcium Disodium EDTA (made from formaldehyde, sodium cayanide, and Ethylenediamine)
7. Many different types of sulfites and anti-microbial preservatives (linked to allergies and asthma)
8. Natural Flavors (can come from anything natural including a beavers anal gland)
9. GMO Sugars – Dextrose, Corn Syrup
10. FD&C Blue 1 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
11. FD&C Red 40 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
12. FD&C Yellow 5 (Made from petroleum, linked to allergies, asthma and hyperactivity)
13. Insect-Based Dyes: carmine derived from cochineal insects to color their beer
14. Animal Based Clarifiers: Findings include isinglass (dried fish bladder), gelatin (from skin, connective tissue, and bones), and casein (found in milk
15. Foam Control: Used for head retention; (glyceryl monostearate and pepsin are both potentially derived from animals
16. Carrageenan (linked to inflammation in digestive system, IBS and considered a carcinogen in some circumstances
17. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Many of the beers I questioned contained one or more possible GMO ingredients.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (Guinness – unable to provide an affidavit for non-GMO proof)
  • Corn syrup (Miller Light, Coors, Corona, Fosters, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Stripe)
  • Dextrose (Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch Light, Michelob Ultra)
  • Corn (Red Stripe, Miller Coors Brand, Anheuser-Busch Brands)

[Image: Slide1.jpg]

When I find more I will add them, but for now, let us take an honest look at just how healthy or unhealthy beer is for you.

  • Alcohol consumption not only drives up your net carbohydrate intake, and thus glucose, but also releases toxic acetaldehyde as a first metabolite
  • Even light use of alcohol is linked to cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon and, in women, breast
  • Carbohydrates in alcohol contribute to an increased amount of blood sugar, also linked to the development and progression of cancer 
  • A recent study now links alcohol with the development of seven different types of cancer.
  • The percentage of deaths related to alcohol and cancer increased by 62 percent in the past 12 years, up from 3.6 percent in 2003 to 5.8 percent in 2015 worldwide.6
  • Researchers reviewed the cases of nearly 136,000 men and women over a 30-year period and found those who had smoked, even if they had quit, had higher rates of cancer related to drinking than those who had never smoked. 
  • The American Cancer Society also warns that even a few drinks each week can increase your risk of breast cancer.8 The risk is higher in women who have low folate levels. Other research links the recurrence of breast cancer with alcohol intake.9
  • Both of these links appear to be from the ability of alcohol to raise your estrogen level. Alcohol also affects hormones in men. Chronic alcohol use is associated with testicular failure and male infertility.10,11 Feminine symptoms in men suggest that alcohol may also contain biologically active phytoestrogens.12
  • Colon cancer is also linked to the consumption of alcohol. In a study published in the journal Cancer, researchers found that 1 out of 7 of those diagnosed with colon cancer were under the age of 50.18 Current guidelines list age 50 as the time when colon cancer screenings should begin.
  • However, one can of beer has 13 grams of carbohydrates, one 5-ounce glass of wine has 4 grams and a 5-ounce cocktail has 10 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Insulin resistance and elevated uric acid levels are significantly associated with high blood pressure. Any program adopted to address high BP needs to help normalize these two factors
  • Items that need to be excluded from your diet if you have high blood pressure include: fructose, grains, beer and caffeine
  • Alcohol consumption also inhibits your body’s natural stress response by reducing a key stress hormone, known as corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF). CRF is produced by your hypothalamus and helps trigger your body's reaction to stress. If your stress response is impaired, your immune system will also be inhibited, which can have any number of health implications, from reducing your ability to fight infections to increasing your cancer risk
  • Although some research points to the possibility that moderate alcohol consumption may actually reduce your risk of dementia, numerous studies clearly indicate that alcohol consumption causes too many directly negative neurological complications to say that it has any real benefit. 
  • Using Magnetic Resonance Induction (MRI) studies, they found a linear negative effect of alcohol consumption on brain volume. They concluded that the brain shrinkage reported as a result of low to moderate alcohol consumption offers more support for the contention that alcohol is, overall, more detrimental than beneficial to your brain health and cognition.   
  • “Even heavy social drinkers who have no specific neurological or hepatic problems show signs of regional brain damage and cognitive dysfunction. [i]Changes are more severe and other brain regions are damaged in patients who have additional vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency (Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome).”[/i]
  • In addition, alcohol consumption has also been found to blunt the responsiveness of your hypothalamus to immune- and other non-immune signals.  An impaired physical stress response is believed to affect several body systems, including your immune system’s ability to fight infection, and, again, can hinder your brain cells’ ability to learn and remember.
  • alcohol is a neurotoxin -- it can poison your brain.
  • Alcohol slows the functioning of the limbic system of your brain, which controls emotions such as anxiety and fear
  • The functioning of your prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with reasoning and judgment, also slows when you drink alcohol
  • At high doses, alcohol may cause the neurons in your brain that control your heart rate and breathing to slow down their communication to the point that your breathing stops completely, leading to death.
  • An investigation using twin brothers as guinea pigs reveals even moderate alcohol consumption may cause significant harm, including increased liver stiffness, systemic inflammation and leaky gut
  • Diminishes the formation of memories due to ethanol buildup in the brain. This is why you may not remember what you did while you were drunk. Alcohol also causes your hippocampus to shrink, which affects memory and learning. 
  • Promotes systemic inflammation. The two brothers both had significant increases in five different inflammatory markers, although binge drinking caused a more dramatic rise.
  • Increases stress on your heart, raising your risk for cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, high blood pressure and stroke. Blood alcohol levels spike two to three hours AFTER your last drink, which means it may occur in the middle of the night during sleep. This raises your risk of accidental death due to choking on your own vomit and/or suffering cardiac failure or stroke while sleeping.
  •  Significantly increases endotoxin levels. In other words, alcohol causes gut damage allowing bacteria to escape from your gut into your blood stream. The film showed that bingeing caused significantly worse damage, suggesting one week between binges is nowhere near enough to heal the gut damage caused by high amounts of alcohol. That said, regular consumption also led to elevated endotoxin levels, suggesting 21 units of alcohol per week is too much, and "sensible" drinking limits likely need to be much lower. How low is still unclear.
  • Increases liver stiffness, which increases your risk of liver cirrhosis. In the film, after one month, the liver stiffness of the binge-drinking brother was increased from 3.9 to 4.9 — a 25 percent increase in liver inflammation that leads to cirrhosis.
  • A 12-oz. can or bottle of beer contains very little nutrition, but it does contain calories. Regular beer has between 140 to 200 calories, while light beer contains about 100.
  • Your liver makes a substance called acetate from most of the alcohol in a beer. Your body burns the acetate for energy instead of burning the fat stored on your hips or belly. This alone will arise later.
  • Beer can contribute to weight gain by interfering with blood sugar levels. Your body stores sugar in your liver as glycogen; when blood sugar drops between meals, your liver converts glycogen into glucose, releasing it into the blood. Alcohol interferes with this process. Blood sugar drops, the liver does not convert glycogen, your brain thinks you are hungry and you scarf down a fatty burger, fries and whatever else catches your eye when you don’t really need the food. Counteract this by eating a healthy meal before drinking beer to slow the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol.
  • A cold beer when you’re hot is an appealing drink, but use caution if you’ve been engaging in athletics or working outside in hot weather. Antidiuretic hormone helps your body retain fluid. Alcohol interferes with the hormone’s release, which explains those frequent bathroom visits when drinking beer. If you drink beer when you’re hot, you lose fluid through both sweating and urine.
  • Most beer contains malted barley, among other ingredients, and barley contains a protein called gluten. Some people are sensitive to gluten. At the extreme end of this sensitivity is celiac disease, a disorder in which gluten triggers the body’s immune system into attacking the lining of the small intestine.
  • Alcohol ingestion has been found to attract mosquitoes and so beer drinkers have an increased risk for bites and subsequently exposure to mosquito-borne illnesses like encephalitis, malaria, and dengue fever.
  • Beer contains ethanol, too, which when metabolized by the liver produces acetaldehyde. A known carcinogen, acetaldehyde is associated with oral cancer, gastric cancer, and breast cancer.
  • Beer contains some stimulants that work with gastric acid, which may lead to the onset of gastro oesophageal reflux and result in heartburn.
  • Like all forms of alcohol, excess beer consumption does affect your nerves and motor skills. This can lead to accidents. You can also expect a bad hangover after a night out binging on beer!
  • Sedatives and Erythromycin can interact with beer and can be bad for your health. Several antibiotics too interact with beer and can lead to side effects like headache and vomiting. The same holds good with a few pain medications.
[Image: your-body-on-booze2.gif]

   What I have presented here are facts taken from most of the list I provided the links to on page 1. I found this fairly easy with just a little digging. Hopefully I have presented you with enough facts to make you want to research dome on your own.

  So why start with tattoos and beer? These are 2 of the most heavily promoted weapons they have that they talk YOU into using on YOURSELF. These are totally voluntary basis on their use. While it is true that you can find articles on beer being healthy, who owns or writes those articles. I think you will see Those That Rule from the Shadows are behind most of the ones spewing lies and deception. That said there are probably those who do not want to buck the system, and those who blindly follow.

One thing I never knew is the Mosquito thing. Hitler was working on distributing diseases by use of mosquito and tricks. The main scientist that was doing that research was slipped in under Project Paperclip, all were not used in the development of NASA. You might better remember the Jesse Ventura story about Plum Island and the weird experiments going on there. That is where the scientist for Hitler was transferred to so his work could continue, and why the Lab was built. If the connection of a beer and a mosquito bite doesn't click, here is a link to an article that should.
"FDA could set millions of genetically modified mosquitoes loose in Florida Keys"

  I am not saying if you drink a Beer you are going to Hell.
 to Hell. Save
First off, what does these abbreviations stand for? Genetically Engendered, Genetically Modified. Genetically Modified Organisms. The 3 are pretty much interchangeable, and a way to throw you off track. While this is in my area, I will still use those with a background to cite from. After all, I just know the Farming part, and I know that from experience growing up on a farm and still having a farm. Fair warning: This will bleed over into Chemicals In Foods area. That does not mean this stuff would be safe without the chemicals as it presents it's own problems when our bodies are concerned.

  First off we need some basic information and facts. LESS than 1% of all farms in the USA are Family Owned. Ones like me who's health is bad plus getting old are slowly getting out of farming, and when we are gone, so will your food quality and prices be gone. My cousin and I were just talking about how are asset worth is great, our cash is way below poverty. He works a full time job just to pay for his farming just as I have done over the years. Some would say a money management issue, but those sum would be totally incorrect. Factory Farms get tax breaks that regular Farmers do not, we simply don't qualify due to production size. Acre for acre Family Farms out produce Factory farms and do so far more ecologically friendly. While Factory Farms see dirt and use chemicals to make up the difference (and they really do not), family Farms see the ground as the main part of any farming need. At the worse, we put back what we use, usually more. We care about the land and animals we raise. One can look to see how many new barns are being built and then how many new Grocery Stores are being built.

  Competing with Corporate Farms would be like you opening a store and competing with Walmart, who can sell something cheaper than you can buy it. That should mean cheaper prices but the middle men (grocery dealers), and equipment dealers just raise what they want to make, and you pay the difference usually. Corporate seldom looks at quality, it is quantity... and profit over people. Come Hell or high water they will produce a profit for their share holders. This usually causes them to use inferior products and care, and use chemicals to compensate and cut corners. Most of these Corporate (factory) Farms are also Chemical Corporations, and so are the suppliers of their seeds. As a matter of fact, many of the factory farms and seed corporations started out as chemical manufacturers. You might think of that when you see Marie Calendars, Uncle Ben, etc being advertised as a small company. 
  [Image: 2013-02-26-WhoOwnsBrandsMed.jpg]
[Image: who_owns_organic-fb.jpg]
   As one can clearly see, you have the illusion of choices. The 2nd graph is of the "Organic" foods and you can see that very inorganic corporations now own them. Many people think the FDA and USDA will protect them, yet they are primarily run by the same corporations that run the chemicals and foods. In short, they get to evaluate themselves. The FDA and USDA however do watch closely to make sure that nobody comes on the market that would compete with the owners of this world. They make junk and alleged good foods, and I stress alleged. They also give you the impression that a person, perhaps the Founder of a company is in control. Famous Amos cookies, Mrs Feildings, you name it and they want you to believe that this is a homemade, natural, and good recipe. That is called marketing, but it should be illegal. Actually it was illegal for multinational corporations to eat the small and medium businesses until Regan deregulated industry. It seemed like a good thing at the time and Bill kill 'em all Gates was the spokes person they used, along with MCDonalds fries and hamburgers as their example. This also costs jobs as well as true choice.

    The biggest lie though comes about when they explain how natural what they do is, even compare it to what Farmers have done from the beginning of time. It is true that Farmers crossed "like kinds" of fruits over many, many years to expand and improve on a fruit, but they did it naturally. Do you know how they cross different "kinds"? Something that Nature would not ever do, yet they have learned how. If you are not familiar with how it is done I seriously say you need to research Seeds Of Destruction by Jeffry Smith. I'll just be brief, and in a simplified manner explain. They took the DNA strain they wish to change and insert a foreign DNA into it. This did not work as foreign DNA that was not from a "like" kind was attached and killed. So they inserted bacteria in some, a virus in some, and damage in others before inserting the Foreign DNA. It worked. The biggest problem is, it is no longer natural, and the havoc on your natural body is immense.   

   Let us consider corn. At one time corn was tiny, more like Biblical wheat was. Over the years Farmers bread, selectively, only certain kinds of corn and then ones with desirable traits. Corn was born as a staple. Along comes Monsanto and other chemical corporations and inserts a firefly gene, that was in the 70s, though they make it sound like this crap just started in the 90s. Now we have a new self pollination corn that all come due pretty much the same time, thus making harvesting easier. It also caused the shucks to be thinner and thus a target for bugs. Good thing though, they were also a chemical corporation, and thus pesticides were born. Herbicides were also needed for this weaker strain to do well. Then in steps the government with subsidies for corn farming and the corn craze was started. This didn't strengthen the Farmers though, it destroyed them. I'm using corn as the illustration but in reality, it was many crops, corn was just one of the first. The Farmer was no longer allowed to save seed, now they had to buy them, they were the property of Monsanto.

   This one size fits all approach to growing and producing crops is not natural. While it may do well the first season, maybe even two, soon more chemicals will be needed to continue, and the production depletes each year. This is what is and has been happening in India with Cotton from Monsanto. Plants have evolved to grow in certain climates and soils. This went against nature's rules in more ways than just splicing DNA  from other "kinds", now it was in a hostile territory for production. It now needed fertilizers that were not there, and what was there was becoming depleted. The use of NPK fertilizers that are used along with Ammonia Nitrate, being a petro based origin, deplete very fast. There is no, repeat no proper substitute for natural care. In proper farming there will always be years of abundance and years of not so well producing. It also found itself against pests for which it had little to no defense against. As if using Pesticides weren't bad enough, now days they actually produce their own. Enter into the picture weeds and unwanted growing things, thus herbicides were used. Monsanto was pretty good at that chemical too. In Viet Nam it was called Agent Orange and would end up being responsible for more of our soldier's deaths than the enemy. It came back here though as PROWL, a sister of Agent Orange.  Funny, few besides older Farmers remember that one, but I do, we used it on the Tobacco patch. That was caught onto and they waited until just the right time and made Round Up. I'm not going into all the horrors that Glyphosate of the main ingredient but rather give you a link

There was still another problem... run off. This damaged our water supply in lakes, rivers, and streams. To think that using a chemical to treat another chemical is akin to the rat in the spinning wheel. Later we find it lasts in the ground, even after it quits killing the foliage, and is taken up by the very plants we wish to eat. There is an old saying and like most, very true, "You are what you eat."  As if that isn't bad enough let me say what I have said for the last 10 years, "You are what you eat ate." You see, we feed our livestock with it, or at least some do. We raise grass fed beef, but we usually sell to a Livestock Market where they are whisked away and "finished". That term doesn't mean killed in this instance but rather fed grains to fatten them up. This fattens them up and by restricting their activity also makes them more tender. (Sound Familiar?). Now even if you avoided the corn, it has invaded your plate. Don't be fooled either, all animals are raised as such.

   Due to this foreign genetically altered food, the DNA of the one consuming it is also effected. No, you will not find this is published studies here in the USA, they get to grade their own papers, remember. Sadly we must look at real double blind studies, and those usually aren't done in the USA these days. 
  [Image: lab-rat-on-gmo.jpg?w=465&h=465][Image: 094849c7922b198d51192af0d0e1b015.jpg]

  I'll stop this for now as it has went into the Chemical area a tad much, but the two are very much connected.

More to come...........
Poisons & Chemicals In Our Foods

   It is said, "Give them an inch and they will take a mile", and that is most likely the truth. There are chemicals and poisons in our food that do not need to be in them and aside from an ascetic appeal or cheap substitutes, they serve no real purpose. I have heard many people many times, and yes I once did, say "Well... something has got to kill you". It is easy to say that but try changing "you" and add "Your Kids" in exchange. Dyes are a big part of our food, yet we pay them no attention. In an article on Livestrong's  Yellow # 5. Facts we see the effects on Yellow #5 on our body. In this link we see Red # 40 Facts about it's effect on the human body.  I have provided a link to make it easier to learn from. I really do not want to go into one too deeply as it would probably fill a  Library, suffice to say I will give you links so that you can do your own research. In these two of just many we also see the food of youths targeted. Oh, adults eat it too, think Potato Chips, etc. There are so, so very many things.

  From the site I'd like to quote something they have up. This one shows just how deceived we have become:

Natural Flavors:
  " Lesson #1: Whenever a label says “natural flavors” that is a clue that those flavors have been ADDED to the food. It is NOT a natural flavor of the food you are about to buy.

The definition of “natural flavor” under the Code of Federal Regulations is:

The essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. ?
That’s a pretty wordy and convoluted definition. I will sum it up for you with the example. Castoreum is used in vanilla and strawberry flavors. It comes from the castor sack of mature beavers, which is used in conjunction with the beaver’s urine to mark its territory. Sounds tasty, right? It’s use is quite small in the grand scheme of things, but this gives you an idea as to what classifies as a natural flavor. It’s quite broad as you can see!

Most processed foods have artificial and/or natural flavors added to them during the production process. Flavors are made in a laboratory by blending natural and/or synthetic chemicals together to enhance the taste. Combining chemicals derived from a natural source, such as a plant or animal product, results in a natural flavor. Combining synthetic chemicals creates an artificial flavor."

Are you getting the picture yet? There are so many of these, as stated before, it would take a Library just to hold all the information. Yes, they have been awake a long, long time doing their evils while we have been entertained by "Bread & Circuses."

  I do however want to hit on just a few things, and some of you already know which ones. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Oddly enough they can market this as all natural since it is a naturally occurring, but so are many things we shouldn't eat. If a picture is worth a thousand words then hear this one :
  [Image: MSG2.jpg]

  No one would eat that willingly that knew this, nobody with any sense anyway. Let me save typing and show yet another picture:
[Image: 10805577_10152422445671512_220244314913951430_n.jpg]

Pretty much all sausage has it in it so this year, I made my own.

There is an excellent website dedicated to MSG and truth at

  Seeing the depth of their research at that site lets move on.

   Another one I want to talk about is one that my wife figured out before I did, and usually I'm the one studying this stuff. Aluminum, and it is in your food. If you are cooking with aluminum pans, foil, even other type of cookware, it is in your food. Aluminum is one of the rare things that can cross the blood/brain barrier. A link has been found to Alzheimer's Disease as well as other brain related diseases. During chemo I and my wife overheard many time women who had breast cancer not to use deodorant or antiperspirants that contain aluminum, and yes, there are a few. Even some Vaccines have it in them. Drinking water has a byproduct or type of aluminum in it, lets cal it Fluoride. Many products have it in prepackaged foods. I know we were excited when Better Crocker came out with a Gluten Free cake Mix, then we saw aluminum in it. In this link Dr Mercola has tons of information. .

  While looking around I ran across WebMD's website on a Google search. They state there is "no scientific evidence to link cancer and aluminum". I would like for those assholes to set in a chemo chair and watch their life be depleted, then argue that point. If they, the government, or this monkey see monkey do medical establishment want to brag on how many advances they have accomplished so far a mere look at the numbers should tell them, we are losing the battle. From a disease that few heard of in the 1900s to pretty much 100% of the people in 2017. They are not losing the "war on cancer", they have lost.  
     [Image: 685199783967f2256c80958632e5e26f.jpg]
Think of this picture when you buy you favorite beverage in an aluminum can, oh, and add cancer.

HFCS and other things I would love to cover, especially the "natural flavorings", but time limits me as to what I can type, and limits the reader to what they will learn. One thing however to cover is sugar substitutes, and yes I know sugar (overuse) is bad and acidic, but this is far worse. Aspartame (all all it;s names), and Splenda. Have you ever noticed Obese people are mainly the ones using these artificial sweeteners? lets face it, if these products made one lose or at least not gain weight, then how come most people doing them are fat, sick, and dying. Could it be they actually are causing Obesity? 

  "Aspartame is a synthetic chemical composed of the amino acids phenylalanine and aspartic acid, with a methyl ester. When consumed, the methyl ester breaks down into methanol, which may be converted into formaldehyde."
Once again I will point you to a search that contains all kinds of actual truth and information on these poisons.

And another one, Splenda (aka Sucralose).
By Dr. Mercola
Quote:Don't let these large companies fool you. There is no magic alternative to sugar when it comes to sweeteners. There are reports from all over the world from people who report being harmed by sucralose.
For example, there are reports of the following after eating sucralose:
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Seizures, dizziness and migraines
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood sugar increases and weight gain
At the time of my last analysis in 2006, there were only six human trials published on Splenda (sucralose). Of these six trials, only two of the trials were completed and published before the FDA approved sucralose for human consumption. The two published trials had a grand total of 36 total human subjects.
36 people sure doesn't sound like many, but wait, it gets worse, only 23 total were actually given sucralose for testing and here is the real killer: The longest trial at this time had lasted only four days and looked at sucralose in relation to tooth decay, not human tolerance.

Dr Mercola also has tons of truthful information on his site at this link.
[Image: splenda.jpg?w=584]
To Be Continued ...........

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